Lessons Learnt

You’ll probably already know if you read this blog that I haven’t had much ‘luck’ with my feet in recent times (my left foot, in particular). While on a wonderful adventure gallivanting around Thailand with my wonderful best friend from London I twice hurt myself, badly, leaving me now with my foot in a cast and […]

Reflections in Rishikesh

After a challenging two and a half hour yoga class one morning in Rishikesh, I went up to the teacher to pay and thank him. He asked me where I was from. ‘England’, I said. ‘Welcome home’, he smiled. That somewhat sums up how I felt for the week I was in Rishikesh. After a month […]

Yoga in Chiang Mai

I came to Chiang Mai with one main purpose: to get back on my yoga mat. As mentioned in my previous post, I since decided to hop foot it back to India before my visa expires, and to make the most of the five weeks I have before my friend comes to Thailand and I’ll join her […]