To India, with Love

I hope you were not an illusion, India; a figment of my imagination I hope the image of you, in all your magnificent beauty, does not fade in my memory into other, worldly landscapes I hope it was not through rose-tinted glasses I saw you, Sacred Land; Heart Chakra, dusted in faded pink houses and white temples; My […]

Where I am Now

I thought I should write a quick update. In fact I feel the need to write a lot. So much though, that it is impossible for me to find the words. Because actually it is not possible to describe what I feel, have seen and experienced in the past few weeks, months even. India has […]

Reflections in Rishikesh

After a challenging two and a half hour yoga class one morning in Rishikesh, I went up to the teacher to pay and thank him. He asked me where I was from. ‘England’, I said. ‘Welcome home’, he smiled. That somewhat sums up how I felt for the week I was in Rishikesh. After a month […]

Following My Heart

So, I did something slightly cray cray yesterday… I booked a flight back to India. I’ve been in Thailand for almost a month now and during that time I just haven’t felt the same as I did in India – not as motivated, not as energised, and not as inspired. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed […]

Healing Hugs from Amma

One of the rights of passage when travelling in India, especially if you are on some sort of spiritual journey (which most seem to be), is to stay in an ashram. Although I had made no plans and done no research before I left for this trip, an ashram stay was definitely on my mental […]