Happy (Belated) Birthday Blog!

Being the neglectful and inattentive blog mother that I am, I forgot my poor little one’s birthday this year. And it was an important birthday too – a big milestone in its young life. Healing Beauty turned one on 22nd April. If I sound a little dispirited it’s because it’s with a twinge of guilt […]

Haven Organics Smoothing Balm

A while ago on Twitter a friendly woman propositioned me. No, not in that way, silly. She wanted me to try out her homemade organic hair product. And I was more than happy to oblige. The product in question was Haven Organics Smoothing Balm, the creation of a woman who began Haven Organics after finding herself […]

The Lavender Lady

A little while ago I took a few days off work, packed a bag full of my thickest socks, cardigans and jumpers and boarded a train from London Paddington to Devon. That’s where my dad lives, and it’s cold. My dad moved about ten years ago from London back to the same village he grew […]

Tried and Tested: Shower Gels

I’ve done a few ‘tried and tested’ posts on the blog now and think they’re quite useful (I hope). It’s nice after months of testing out products of the more natural variety that I’m starting to find brands that I keep coming back to, yet discovering new ones along the way. I’ve found, often by […]

Parissa Hot Wax

Last weekend I had a date with a pot of hot wax. A long overdue date in fact. I was sent Parissa Hot Wax to try a few months back but just hadn’t gotten around to using it. It is Winter after all, and waxing is something I usually reserve for the week (OK, day) […]

Happy Hair Days

You may know that I have a thing about my hair; I’m a bit protective over it. It’s long and has been for years and I’ve spent a lot of time and effort over time on making it look nice. Whenever I go to the hairdresser I contemplate cutting inches off or asking for a […]