Happy (Belated) Birthday Blog!

Being the neglectful and inattentive blog mother that I am, I forgot my poor little one’s birthday this year. And it was an important birthday too – a big milestone in its young life. Healing Beauty turned one on 22nd April. If I sound a little dispirited it’s because it’s with a twinge of guilt […]

Haven Organics Smoothing Balm

A while ago on Twitter a friendly woman propositioned me. No, not in that way, silly. She wanted me to try out her homemade organic hair product. And I was more than happy to oblige. The product in question was Haven Organics Smoothing Balm, the creation of a woman who began Haven Organics after finding herself […]

Happy Hair Days

You may know that I have a thing about my hair; I’m a bit protective over it. It’s long and has been for years and I’ve spent a lot of time and effort over time on making it look nice. Whenever I go to the hairdresser I contemplate cutting inches off or asking for a […]

Hair today…gone tomorrow

First of all, apologies for the terribly cheesy and completely unoriginal title. I’m in a strange mood today. Perhaps due to the tube strike which meant I spent the whole day alone at home. I always go a bit doolally after too much alone time. Anyway … I decided that today I want to have […]

My Tunisian Holiday Essentials

I’ve just returned from a week away in sunny Tunisia and thought I would share with you a few beauty essentials I took with me – perfect for soothing sun kissed skin, taming beach hair and providing protection from those harmful UV rays. First up, before going into the sun I made sure I was […]