Lessons Learnt

You’ll probably already know if you read this blog that I haven’t had much ‘luck’ with my feet in recent times (my left foot, in particular). While on a wonderful adventure gallivanting around Thailand with my wonderful best friend from London I twice hurt myself, badly, leaving me now with my foot in a cast and […]

Where I am Now

I thought I should write a quick update. In fact I feel the need to write a lot. So much though, that it is impossible for me to find the words. Because actually it is not possible to describe what I feel, have seen and experienced in the past few weeks, months even. India has […]

Acro Yoga Workshop with Sophia La Pastina

I should call this post ‘Opening my Heart’ because that is what it’s really about. I kept the title as it is though in the hope that anyone Googling the wonderful yogini Sophia La Pastina may find this and know how incredible the experience I just had was – and maybe they’ll then be able […]

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