Where I am Now

I thought I should write a quick update. In fact I feel the need to write a lot. So much though, that it is impossible for me to find the words. Because actually it is not possible to describe what I feel, have seen and experienced in the past few weeks, months even. India has […]

Healing Hugs from Amma

One of the rights of passage when travelling in India, especially if you are on some sort of spiritual journey (which most seem to be), is to stay in an ashram. Although I had made no plans and done no research before I left for this trip, an ashram stay was definitely on my mental […]

Chaya Yoga Retreats

If you haven’t seen my previous two posts and were a Healing Beauty reader many moons a go, you might have wondered where I’d gone. Well, if you’re interested in the emotional backstory, that’s here. Long story short though, my life has been full of changes over the past few years, with last year being […]