The Eternal Student(s)

I have just completed my first 200-hour yoga teacher training course, which means I can tick off my one and only concrete ‘resolution’ for 2015 and possibly one of my proudest achievements to date. To have come to this point on my yoga journey so fast and with so much passion, dedication and love is an […]

Coming Home

And so, I begin another blog post with an apology for my absence. Or is that rather British of me? Did you notice? Did you miss me?! The world keeps on spinning, right? ;) I’m sure my often-niggling anxiety about not updating this blog is a dialogue that plays out in my head alone. Anyway, […]

Chaya Yoga Retreats

If you haven’t seen my previous two posts and were a Healing Beauty reader many moons a go, you might have wondered where I’d gone. Well, if you’re interested in the emotional backstory, that’s here. Long story short though, my life has been full of changes over the past few years, with last year being […]

New Beginnings

It’s certainly been quite a while since I last blogged on here. In fact, as life took me  off course from Healing Beauty over the past few years, I wasn’t sure that I would again. Perhaps though, renewing the domain name each year was on some level my small commitment to the possibility that I […]