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Who am I? Olivia Wood HealingI am many things. (I am that I am.)

I am a Libra, I am a writer, I am a Yoga teacher. I am a traveller, I am a massage therapist, I am a healer. I am a gypsy, a free spirit, a Feminist. I am a Goddess, a warrior, a princess, and a Queen.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Healing Network, a project I envisaged, dreamed about, talked about, blogged about, and shared in any other way I knew how from January 2014 when the idea first came into my consciousness.

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My Yoga

My Yoga, a Poem by Olivia Wood Healing

I am qualified as a mixed-style yoga teacher (200 hrs in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Ashtanga). I completed a further 50 hours of teacher training in Tantra, which heavily influences my practice and style of teaching. This varied background is perhaps why I struggle to hit the nail on the head with a name for My Yoga.

To me, Yoga is about balance, playfulness, and letting go of the ego. It’s about finding your inner strength, while learning to surrender. It’s about finding the acceptance inside to be wherever you are in that moment.

It’s about feeling grounded, nurtured and protected from a place deep inside. It’s about connecting – mind, body and self; individual and collective; I and all.

Yoga is about letting go – of limiting beliefs, of your inner judge, of fear. I endeavour to create an environment to do just that – to let go of what no longer serves you, and find space for light to enter – to nourish, heal and inspire you to be the best version of You, in that moment.



Private Yoga Sessions

  • 90 mins of one-on-one YOGA (Yoga: to join or to ‘yoke’) including breathing exercises, meditation, visualisation, intention-setting and mantra
  • book in advance by email: oliviawood_is@hotmail.com or Facebook: Olivia Wood Healing)
  • £80

What to expect –

Expect to breathe, a lot (!) Expect to move your body and your awareness to unexplored places. Expect unexpected sensations, feelings and emotions. Expect to be challenged, lifted, and soothed. Expect to be surprised by what you can do, and what you can’t. Expect a different experience every time. Expect the unexpected! :) Better still, come with no expectations, just the willingness to open and receive, whatever comes.

“The mind is the King of the senses. The breathe is the Queen of the mind.”

Pedro Franco, Tantra Yoga (Yoga No Borders)

Get in touch to book private sessions of –

  • Yoga (Hatha, Flow, Tantra)
  • Massage (The Raynor Technique)
  • Energy healing (I am a Siddha Kundalini channel)

Olivia Wood Yoga

Investment – 

  • 2 hr initial healing session / yoga class & consultation* – £110
  • 1.5 hr healing session / yoga class – £80
  • 1 hr healing session / yoga class – £60

* I allow extra time on your initial visit to get to know you and your body. This allows for a 90 minute session, plus time before your treatment to  discuss your current state of health and wellbeing, your expectations and needs from the session(s) and anything else which comes up that might be relevant.

During this initial consultation we will discuss any medical conditions, injuries and/or lifestyle patterns which might affect your treatment. I also explain in as much detail as you’d like about the healing you will receive (The Raynor Technique, Siddha Kundalini channelling, or Yoga). It’s a time to get to know each other, set any expectations and goals for our time together, whether that’s one session, a mini retreat, or a lifetime. I find this time very helpful for both you, the client, and me, the therapist, to get the most out of our healing journey together. Healing is a two-way street, after all.

After each treatment I give you the opportunity to feedback about your experience. You have the option to discuss anything that might have come up during the session. Or, you can leave without uttering a word – the choice is yours. When a client leaves speechless, in my eyes I’ve done a good job. (It happens a lot!)

Olivia Wood Healing

For appointments, questions, feedback, collaboration ideas or editorial requests, get in touch – 

email: oliviawood_is@hotmail.com

facebook: oliviawoodhealing

instagram: oliviawoodhealing

Love, light, laughter, and peace to all.

Olivia x

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