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An embarrassingly long time ago I was contacted by a lovely woman about reviewing her handmade natural products. They sounded lovely and I accepted her offer to try them eagerly. But as you know (I’m full of excuses) I’ve been a bit manic recently what with lots of changes going on and somehow the lovely little package got forgotten about, until tonight. Tonight I decided I felt like having a bath – a rare occurrence (I shower usually, before you think I’m really dirty) but I feel a bit under the weather and need some pampering – so I reached for my lovely wrapped treats.

The products in question are from a company called Bodycare Luxuries, which you can find on Etsy. You’ll see on the site there are lots of delicious, good-enough-to-eat looking goodies and I got to try two of them. Yippee! First up, the Rose Bath Truffles which are little fizzy balls of smelly goodness. As I ran the hot water and dropped one of these in it immediately started fizzing away like a lemon sherbert, but with the more relaxing and sophisticated scent of rose. There are dried petals in the truffles too which float in the bath as it dissolves, making it look rather romantic. This lovely product contains simple ingredients too, making it a guilt-free pleasure: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), corn starch, parfum, rose petals and citronellol. You can really notice the shea butter in there – while in the water and when I got out my skin felt silky smooth. It can make the tub a little slippery though so be careful!

rose bath truffles
rose bath truffles

The next product I had to play with is Bodycare Luxuries’ Rose Soap. This came beautifully wrapped in grease-proof paper, covered with pretty green netting and a simple label, selotaped together, which I thought was charming as it makes youfeel this is a truly handmade product. Inside, the soap is a gorgeous pale pink colour with dried rose petals on the top. It’s shape reminds me of a slice of cake, which almost made me want to eat it, but it definitely smells soapy, so I didn’t. I love it as it has such a lovely, authentic look to it. It smells delicious too (rose again, of course) and works just like a soap should without being too drying.

Just look at how delicious it looks…

Bodycare Luxuries Rose Soap
Bodycare Luxuries Rose Soap

I’m very glad I finally got around to having that bath and will look forward to the next one now that I have these gorgeous treats. I definitely recommend these products – really simple but totally indulgent and delightful. Find more Bodycare Luxuries products and order on their website.

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9 thoughts on “Bodycare Luxuries – Handmade Bath Products

  1. You are brilliant, yes, brilliant that best describes you. I’m so happy to have bumped in here because you have nice products. Your soaps look amazing; I can really see that it’s done with so much love. You’ve made it so appealing to the eye. I must try it as soon as possible.

  2. BRILLIANT, that best describes you. I�m so happy to have bumped into your blog because you have nice products. Your soaps look amazing; I can really see that it�s done with so much love. You�ve made it so appealing to the eye. I must it.

  3. The smell is really nice. It is always a treat to use them. Not sure about other people but it always makes me happy.

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic!! and so yummy:) I have no doubt that it gives the skin what it really needs, cause the ingredients speak for themselfs!

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