Naked Scrub Up – Sea Minerals Salt Scrub

Naked Bodycare Scrub Up
Naked Bodycare Scrub Up

I’ve tried a couple of things from Naked Bodycare recently and am really liking the line so far. Their ‘Scrub Up Naked’ Sea Minerals Salt Scrub (£6.99) is one of my faves.

This scrub is made using Dead Sea salt and seaweed extract, as well as sweet almond oil.

This product, like all Naked Bodycare products, is 97% natural. There are a couple of chemicals I noticed listed in the ingredients which I thought I should investigate. One is Tocopheryl acetate (a chemical compound with Vitamin E), which the EWG’s Cosmetic Database lists as a moderate hazard due to it being a possible irritant. It also contains added scent (parfum and linalool), which again can irritate more sensitive skin. And limonene, an orange scent, another skin and respiratory irritant and a moderate hazard according to the EWG (Environmental Working Group).

I  suspect however that the quantities of these chemicals are very small as they are towards the end of the ingredients list; plus none of them are ‘high risk’ as rated by the EWG. I’m also comforted that the product is 97% natural, which is great for something that is available on the high street and online. Also having read Naked Bodycare’s ‘story‘ I see that they’re dedicated to creating products which are “safe, natural and free from harmful chemicals” and never use sulfates, parabens or petrochemicals in their formuations. To explain the need for the 3% of non-natural ingredients, Naked explains:

You may also ask why only 97% natural? Well, the remaining 3% is made up of things like the preservative system (stops the product going bad after opening ) plus things like emulsifying agents which are necessary to stop ingredients from separating ( we don’t like divorce ). However some of our products are actually 99.5% natural as they didn’t need as much help to behave.

That seems fair enough to me. Aside from pure oils, there are very, very few products which achieve effective formulations without the inclusion of one or two non-natural ingredients.

The Naked Bodycare line was the brainchild of a mum looking for products safe and kind enough to use on her children who have sensitive skin. They also use 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic in all their bottles and “support initiatives like the Oxfam Shinyanga project which brings clean water to children in Tanzania”. I do like a good story and I get a good feeling about the brand and believe when they say they are conscientious about the ingredients they choose and production methods they employ (I must be feeling less cynical than usual today!).

So, I’m a fan of the brand ethics and ingredients. Now onto the performance of this scrub.

I love it!

I don’t often use scrubs. If you’re a reader of this blog you’ll know I’m a minimalist in my beauty regime and not big on anything which requires too much effort (I’m too tired/lazy most of the time). I have very few ritualistic beauty rituals which are limited to moisturising, taking off my makeup every night, occasionally painting my nails, and once in a blue moon leaving my conditioner in for longer than two minutes. So body scrubs just aren’t part of my usual routine.

Well, I’m officially converted.

This product is the perfect balance of exfoliation and nourishment. The salt granules gently scrub and smooth your skin without being at all abrasive. The salt dissolves and melts into your skin as you rub it in circular motions, which is left silky smooth and moisturised due to the nourishing sweet almond oil and seaweed mineral extracts. It was so soft in fact I didn’t feel I needed much moisturiser afterwards (but I’m obsessed with moisturising, so I did anyway).

Naked Scrub
Naked Scrub

I also really like the consistency of the scrub. It’s really compact in the tub so when you scoop it out with your fingers you don’t lose any (as you do with runnier types that tend to slip between your fingers, wasting product). It’s a pleasure to use as well; I really like the feeling of it on my skin, lightly massaging the salt crystals until they dissolve leaving a lovely oily mixture which washes away to leave baby soft skin. Oh, and the smell is divine! A refreshing and seaside-y smell with a very subtle hint of fruity zest.

Naked Scrub Up, £6.99, is available exclusively online from Naked Bodycare. The full range of products is available from the website. Selected Boots stores also carry some of the line.

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  1. The Key to 100% Natural is avoiding water. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria so any product with a water content (inc juice or hydrosol) needs a chemical antimicrobial. We make Dead Sea Salt Scrubs with Natural Oils. 100% Natural and 100% Active ingredients – take a look – Lovin your Blog – BTW Limonene occurs naturally in essential oils. Tochopherol is Natural Vitamin E – Tocopherol Acetate is Synthetic Vitamin E Derived from Petrochemicals. :-)

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