Day 4, Sugar diet update: GIVE ME CHOCOLATE!!

So I thought I’d update you on my sugar detox progress<… And as you can guess from the title, I’m missing sugar already, especially chocolate! It’s been particularly hard this week at work as first of all someone was leaving, so there was a huge, gooey chocolate cake going round. Then today we had cake and ice cream brought to us by another company. No fair!


It’s day 4 of the diet and I haven’t had any fruit, sweets, deserts or added sugar in anything. I’ve switched to Shredded Wheat cereal as it’s sugar free (one of the only ones that is) and I’m limiting myself to one coffee a day. I’m not being as strict as I was in the past when I did this diet because it’s just not very practical to avoid every last trace of sugar and I don’t think I need to. My aim is to see if I can make a significant difference to my skin and how healthy I feel in 4 weeks by cutting down dramatically (although not 100%) on my sugar intake.

It’s a very enlightening thing to do this – cutting out a whole ingredient or food group – especially something which is in as many things as sugar is. You realise how much you take for granted the daily rituals and routines (a bar of chocolate, a spoonfull of sugar in your tea) and the foods you regularly consume which you wouldn’t even suspect had sugar in them. For example, I spent ten minutes in the cracker isle in Tesco looking for something sugar and yeast free (and boring) that I could munch on. The only thing I found were oat cakes.

This weekend is going to be another challenge. I have a friend’s birthday party and not drinking is realistically, unrealistic! So I will have to limit myself and stick only to vodka and soda water with fresh lime (one of the purest types of alcohol, and of course no sugar in the mixer). That’s my treat for the week – something to look forward to anyway!

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